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Drupal development, UIX design (User interface design), Drupal core - 8.x, Theme - Bootstrap 4 (SASS), Front end developer, Back end developer, DevOps

South Africa’s Leading Contemporary Jewellery Gallery.

Strategy, Drupal development, Email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google PPC (Pay per click), Web application development, Drupal core - 6.x, Drupal core - 7.x, Drupal Commerce, Theme - Zen, Theme - Adaptive Theme

Limited edition fine art prints | commerce website.

Drupal development, UIX design (User interface design), Graphics, Front end developer, Web marketing, Drupal core - 6.x, Drupal core - 7.x, Drupal Commerce, Theme - Zen, Theme - Adaptive Theme

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Inbound marketing is customer focussed. It is about understanding your customers and serving those customers with value content so as to attract, convert, close and delight.

A SERP is a Search Engine Results Page. When you type in a search query the results you get back from the search engine is called a SERP. The 10 blue links are the organic search result links that appear on the SERP. An organic link is a link that is not paid for (Pay per click ad), does not…

I recently attended a webinar on Google's latest release Expanded Text Ads (ETA). The webinar was facilitated by an exceptional PPC company Wordstream. This post discusses the most important aspects of that webinar and what it means for your PPC account.

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Patrick Michael Bands

Patrick Michael Bands

I have been involved with the SA internet space since the mid 1990’s at which point, for the majority in SA, the internet was an unknown! I joined the pioneering team of Kevin Davie and South Africa’s first pure online publication Woza Internet. Since then I has been intimately involved in most aspects of the internet. Publishing, marketing, sales, corporate solutions, internet incubation, development, design, e-marketing, AdWords, SEO, systems analysis and systems design.
I have a passion for integrated web systems and content efficiency and have an innate ability to demystify the complexities of the internet for lay people. With phrases such as ‘optimise your pockets of potential®’ and ‘create once, publish many’ the systems designed by Digital Solace lean towards integration and publishing efficiency.

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